History and Culture of Cyprus That Will Amaze You
Cyprus is a country with a great history. It is said that Cyprus is the birthplace of the mythology goddess Aphrodite or Venus. Cyprus is actually a country that hosts a wide range of cultures and a wide variety of people from many countries. This is the reason why it is a place where everyone can travel too easily and without having any kind of problem with the language. In 1974, the Turkish conquered the north side of the island and they have managed to create an independent country there, even though they used force and there is great dispute as to the legality of the project. When you first visit the island, you will certainly see that it has been divided in two pieces.
Cyprus has four of the most popular cities in the world and they are called Larnaca, Nicosia, Paphos and Limassol. These four cities have all the things and facilities that a tourist or a citizen will look for. In fact, in Larnaca you will find a really large market that is able to cover every need that you might have, even if you belong to the demanding people. The best thing about Cyprus is that it has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world that give you the chance to observe the view and the highlights of this beautiful island. Almost all the employees of these hotels are able to help you find what you are looking for and they are also able to suggest visiting places that are not on a tourist map, but they are worth visiting. Cyprus has managed to attract the interest of a lot of foreign tourists and almost all of them visit Cyprus again and again.
Another thing that needs to be mentioned about Cyprus is the exotic and amazing gastronomy that it has. This is based on its rich culture and history, as well. It is sure that food is a really good reason for tourists to visit a country and if you belong to this category of tourists, it is sure that Cyprus will amaze you!